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A Real Estate Of Your Own

A place of your own is a dream of all. You wish you had this all the time. Some of you may be lucky to have one of your own whereas the others may not be so lucky. It is nothing to worry about anymore because we have got the best in town for this. To provide you luxurious comfort for very affordable rates. You can select from single bedroom up to several rooms. You can select your preference according to your budget.

We at Kingsford Waterbay, give you the best condos in Singapore at the most affordable price. It is luxury combined with comfort which you cannot get for this rate from anywhere else. The condos are all made up to high quality standards and have bee furnished with luxury furniture. The floor is tiles with the one of the best of the type. These condos provide ample space which you can customize the way you want. Even with the furniture, you still have enough floor space to use.

A visit to one of these condos will give you a picture of this reality. It will be beyond your expectations. Our architects have gone beyond the ordinary to give you a place out of the extraordinary. Such is the description our clients give for all our finishing. You can read more about us and our work through our website. You can also submit any queries via the form available online.

You can view the floor plans of all our condo types through the Kingsford Waterbay floor plan available on request. You can have an idea of how everything is going to be placed and about the space availability. You can speak to us on your requirements and we can customize it accordingly. Your choices are heard by us and will be considered about its possibility. You can speak to us along with our architects to get this matter straight.

Enjoy life to the maximum by retiring to bed each day amidst the scenic locations surrounding you. We provide the most exotic views in the country. The beauty will mesmerize you and make you look forward to each day with joy and eagerness. This is what we long for our clients to achieve. Their happiness is ours too and we like to be a part of it. So don’t forget to drop us a message or comment on our web page with regard to our services as per your satisfactions. We keep a high regard on all our clients, equally.