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How To Plan A Fairy Tale Wedding

Many girls grow up watching Disney princess movies dreaming of being a princess for at least one day and there is no more of a perfect day to let your inner princess out than the day of your wedding. Thus, this article is for all those girls who dreamt of having the fairy tale wedding with their very own prince charming by their side as it would explore all the necessary tools that one would need to plan their perfect princess worthy wedding day.


While not every bride would be able to afford the Cinderella castle at Disney World every bride deserves her own castle for her wedding day. Therefore, one should take a plenty of time to search for that perfect fairy tale wedding venue be it a grand hotel, park or even a mansion rental. Furthermore, if it is possible for one to explore historical societies they may even be able to rent out an actual castle for the day of the wedding. However, if one is unable to host their wedding at a castle they could at least attempt to get their pre-wedding photography Singapore taken at a castle.

Fairy Tale Dress

A fair tale wedding would be incomplete without the perfect princess worthy bridal gown. Therefore, one should be prepared to spend time searching for this dress because not all prince ball gowns would suit the bride. Thus, one should look not only look for the Princess gown they have seen in movies and books but one that would also accentuate their natural beauty.

Capture Every Moment

It is not enough to merely plan your fairy tale wedding the couple would also need every second of this special day captured so they can reminisce about the most important day of their life for the days and years to come. Therefore apart from investing in a great photographer one also needs to invest in a wedding videographer as these photographs and videos need to last a life time and they need to be captured artistically.


Making a grand entrance is a crucial aspect of a fairy tale wedding therefore while it may not be feasible to arrive in a glass carriage one can still opt to arrive a horse driven carriage or even in a vintage car to show off that modern twist in your traditional fairy tale wedding.

Every girl deserves her fairy tale wedding therefore make sure that you leave yourself enough and more time to plan this day in order to make it princess worthy.