Importance Of Watch Winder

Watch winder

Importance of watch winder

When an automatic watch is not worn, they are recommended to be stored in watch winders. Watch winder’s purpose is to store and keep automatic watches running when not worn. The function is to move watches periodically, mostly in a circular motion which moves the weight of the watch and keeps it in running condition. But this is not only a single-use for which watch winder is used, but there can be many other applications of watch winder.

Watch Oils and Mechanism

The periodic movement of watch winder helps to keep watch in running condition, by this the oils and other mechanisms of the watch remain in function. But this periodic is not continuous for 24 hours and the interval period for single motion can be set up to 30 minutes apart. This also helps to reduce the overuse of winder and watch. As watch remains in working condition, this keeps all the oils and mechanism intact. This is also extremely helpful when the watches have multiple mechanisms for time, date and lunar movement. As the parts in a watch increases and different machines working simultaneously, it always makes difficult to manually wind all in one time. This also prolongs the life of watch and reduces its maintenance cost also.  

There are no best watch winders as features of the watch winder are dependent upon user preferences. But some of the key features should be available in a watch winders to stand at best.

Key features:

  • The motors in best watch winders should be durable and swift in their movement. As the key function of the watch winder is to move watch clock or anti-clockwise, so the performance of motors in a watch winders is very important. The movement of motors must be swift and silent. The rotors of motors must be of high quality, so they can last longer. As changing the motors frequently will decrease the life of watch winder and can also affect watch performance
  • The best watch winder for multiple watches must have clockwise and anti-clockwise slots. As all the watches don’t have the same movement directions and it will be convenient for the user to acquire a single watch winder that can accommodate different watches of opposite movement directions. This will be given flexibility to the user to have all the watches in same watch winders and eliminate the need for a new watch winder for different watches
  • Security features should be advance in best watch winder. Nowadays people use wrist watch as a display for their watches and they are placed in open space at home. SO they must possess good security features like a combination lock or finger scan etc. This will help to reduce the chances of theft.

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