Our Services Can Aid In Changing The Aesthetic Of Your Bathroom

bathroom vanities

Our collection of high-end bathroom vanities includes transitional, modern, and antique pieces. There is no greater option for a modern home than a bombora bathroom vanity. Modern vanities come in a range of sizes and finishes to complement any decor and feature streamlined designs, fashionable vessel sinks, and minimum hardware. Transitional vanities are the greatest option if your decor is neither ultra-modern nor antique. A transitional can be used practically everywhere because it combines modern and traditional design features. Regardless of the present trends, this kind of vanity will continue to be appealing in the future. Last but not least, our bathroom vanities store features a variety of conventional and vintage designs. Despite how they appear, antique vanities have all the modern elements you’d anticipate in current vanity designs, but they do so in a way that emphasises a more opulent, timeless appeal. Popular features include traditional aesthetics, ornate flourishes, and rich wood finishes. These characteristics guarantee that your new antique vanity won’t go out of style.

Compact in space

The majority of bathroom storage is located close to the floor, and the space above the ceiling is unoccupied. Utilize the empty space around your bathroom mirror with bathroom vanities in Melbourne with tower storage. To make the most of the space in your bathroom, work with your builder to create a tower cabinet that extends almost to the ceiling. In other aspects as well, towers are space-efficient. As many shelves, drawers, and storage nooks as you require could be included in a tower that is specially made for you. Decide which storage (drawers, cabinets, etc.) is best for your bathroom in consultation with your contractor.

Raising the value of homes

One of the most frequented and used rooms in your home are the bathroom. Vanity is one of several small upgrades you can make to your house that significantly raises its visual value. If you have your bathroom vanities fixed in a way that complements the design and décor of the bathroom itself, the aesthetic feel will be very noticeable.

Melbourne Bathroom Vanity Units

At Bombora Custom Furniture, we are more aware than most of the unique character and décor that each home has. Our distinctive and reasonably priced bathroom vanity units Melbourne homes and businesses with their colour and design. They are locally created from a variety of durable materials, including stone, timber, ceramic, polymarble, and acrylic. A vanity unit that has been properly fitted and constructed will help you make more room in your bathroom, making them the ideal choice for modest flats or office spaces. The bathroom’s expanded storage capacity allows you to transfer objects off shelves or benches, decluttering the room and improving the design flow to make it more aesthetically pleasing and inviting. We’re happy to supply top-notch, contemporary bathroom vanities units Melbourne to homes and companies in Brisbane and Adelaide in addition to Sydney. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with the bombora custom furniture team when you’re looking for “bathroom vanity units near me” to learn how our in-demand goods and services may aid to revamp your bathroom.

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